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Watercolor Nails Tutorial

As promised, here is a tutorial for how I did my watercolor nails. I still don’t have video set up, but I hope to do that soon.

Here are all the colors I used for this mani. Just a drop of acrylic paint and lots of water to dilute the color for the watercolor effect. (click image to enlarge)


I started with a neutral base (OPI “My Vampire is Buff”) and used a matte topcoat.


The first color is some watered-down sky blue. I left the cloud space open so you can see the base color. It’s ok to leave spots with heavier color than others, it adds to the effect.


Let that color dry completely before using another color. These paints dry fast, so by the time you finish the rest of your fingers it should be dry.


Add a sheer green base for the grass. Again, thin out the green paint with water.


While the light green is still wet, add some watered-down darker green paint just to the top edge. If your light green is still damp, it should spread out a little.


Wait for the paint to dry then add some grass/leaves to the tip of your nail.


With a REALLY thin brush and some watered-down black or brown paint, add in the tree trunk and a couple branches.


Wait for the tree trunk to dry, then add some loose green leaves with watered-down green paint.


While that is drying, add some yellow flowers. Using watered-down yellow paint, add dots of yellow.


Let the yellow dry a little bit, then dry your paint brush on a paper towel. With your “dry” brush, soak up any excess paint from the center of the yellow dots. If it has dried enough, you should have a darker edge and a sheer yellow in the center. Dry your brush between each dot.


Repeat the same technique with a lighter green on the tree. This image shows the paint still wet.


This step shows you the tree leaves after the paint has been sucked up by the dry brush.


Add some orange flowers with the same technique.


I did the same thing with a darker green on the tree and the white cloud.


Remove any excess paint from the cloud with your dry brush.


Clean up your edges and finish with a matte topcoat. All done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I’ll definitely try to make more… and some easier ones too! :-)

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

XO, Nicole

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