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Cherry Blossom Tutorial

There have a been a few requests on Instagram for a tutorial on the cherry blossom nails I did last week. So, I finally got around to creating one. YAY! :-) Please pardon my skin during the process. It’s still suffering from this horrible Winter. Can’t really moisturize and paint my nails at the same time. :-)

Cherry Blossom Tutorial

Cherry Blossom Tutorial – 16 steps


STEP 1: Start with a white base. I used Julep “Nicolette”. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re going to do a sponge gradient on top and clean up the edges after that.


STEP 2: Paint your polish colors on your makeup sponge. I use a dry sponge, but some people have better luck with a slightly damp sponge. Notice that I overlapped the colors just a little bit. I used a different yellow here than in my original mani, but for the record, this is “Alex’s Lemonade” by Fresh Paint and “For Audrey” by China Glaze.


STEP 3: Dab the makeup sponge lightly on your nail multiple times to blend the colors and get the polish to cover your nail. Make sure your base is completely dry first or the sponge will pull off your base color.


STEP 4: Wait for the polish to dry, reload your makeup sponge with polish and repeat Step 3. Repeat these steps until you reach your desired opacity.


STEP 5: I added China Glaze “Fairy Dust” to add a little sparkle.


STEP 6: Time to start cleaning up. I used a cotton swab saturated with acetone for this step. Just gently wipe around your skin to get most of the polish off. Notice that I didn’t get really close to my nail. I’ve tried to do an entire clean up with a cotton swab, but the cotton fibers sometimes stick to my polish if I do that.


STEP 7: I finish my gradient with my clean up brush dipped in acetone and gently go around the edge of my nail . I use an e.l.f. Concealer brush for this. It’s $1 at Target. Can’t beat it.


STEP 8: Time to start the flowers! :-) I used acrylic paint from the craft store for this. Just one drop of each color is plenty to do your entire manicure. Also, see my brush that I cut down to be really tiny. I use this for all of my more detailed nail art.


STEP 9: Paint the branches in black.


STEP 10: Add some green leaves.


STEP 11: Add some flower buds with the darker pink.


STEP 12: Add some lighter pink dots near the darker pink to add some dimension. I did mix this pink with white to get a really light pink color.


STEP 13: Using the same mixed light pink, paint the general shape of the open cherry blossoms.


STEP 14: Add dimension to the cherry blossoms by getting the light pink and the medium pink on the brush at the same time and painting over the petals.It doesn’t have to be perfect.


STEP 15: Add the centers of the cherry blossoms with tiny random black dots.


STEP 16: Top with your favorite topcoat (I used HK Girl by Glisten & Glow) to finish it off.

And here is the finished product:

Cherry blossom nails

Cherry blossom nails

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if there are any other manis you’d like to see me break down for you.

XO, Nicole

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