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How to file a Copyright Infringement Report on Instagram

Unfortunately, when we use online media, we run the risk of having our work stolen, altered or otherwise not credited. This runs rampant on Instagram. I have had this happen to me so many times, but there IS something we can do about it. I found a link to an online form where you can report stolen photos and have them removed by Instagram. Reporting as spam and blocking a user is ok, but sometimes we have to bring out the big guns, so to speak.

Here’s how to do it:

When I find a photo of mine posted without credit, I *always* ask nicely for the re-poster to remove it and repost the image with credit (unless of course, the person who reposted it is outright claiming it as their own). If I get blocked, or the image has been altered or my request gets deleted I take official action.

1.¬†Before you even ask for credit, go to the stolen image and click on the button on the bottom right with the three little dots. Click “Copy Share URL”. Save this link somewhere.¬†DO THIS BEFORE ASKING FOR CREDIT SO YOU DON’T GET BLOCKED

2.¬†Go to your original image and save that URL too. You’ll need both to fill out the report.

3. The online form to file a copyright infringement report is located here.

4. Once you are in the form, select the “copyright” button.

5.¬†Select “continue with copyright report”

6.¬†Select “continue with your copyright report”.

7.¬†Paste the link to the violating image in the first box. Also include a brief explanation as to why you’re reporting it.

8. In the next box, paste your original link and also state that the image is of your hand and your work.

9.¬†Select “I’m the rights holder”, then fill in all the info: name, address, blah blah blah. (Don’t panic. It’s just for their records.)

10.¬†Select where you are located and click “Send”. The image should be removed by IG within a couple days.

Good luck. I hope you never have to use this.

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